Regenerate Summer Retreat


​Regenerate yourself from soil to soul by eating and living the fertile way

This Summer Retreat is a unique opportunity to regenerate yourself and to acquire the tools you need to live a life full of vitality, creativity and joy, such as Holistic Nutrition & Cooking * Fertile Mindset Meditation & Movement * Embodiment * Chakras * Masculine-Feminine Balancing * Emotional Freedom * Astro-Metabolic Profiling * Bowen Therapy * Nature * Peace * Nourishment * Empowerment
Acerca del retiro : In nature, the health and fertility of the soil can be judged by the presence and the diversity of Life in it and on it. A vital person is equally full of Life force. And what is Life force? Your Life force is your energy, your desire to fully experience Life through your senses, your drive to create and to evolve, your libido. In fact, your vital energy, creative energy, fertile energy and sexual energy are all the same Life energy. This retreat is for you, if you desire to awaken, unblock, focus or optimize this energy.

Unfortunately, these days, most bodies are overworked and – just like depleted soil – need more and more artificial assistance to produce anything, let alone something strong and resilient. If we truly want ourselves, our children and also Mother Earth to recover optimal health and fertility (and who says fertility also says creativity), we have to move beyond merely controlling the symptoms. We have to regenerate ourselves from soil to soul.

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About the retreat

You will enrich and empower yourself by learning how to:
• Nourish yourself in a holistic & regenerative way with food and beyond
• Create balanced and delicious dishes without spending all day in the kitchen
• Understand which foods benefit you more than others
• Balance your chakras through food and embodiment
• Harmonize your inner Masculine & Feminine and improve the quality of your relationship with yourself and others
• Liberate blockages and activate the free flow of life energy
• Set powerful & effective intentions to manifest your desires
• Shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance (fertile mindset)
• Listen deeply to your body and understand the symbolism of symptoms
• Open your senses and connect to your body wisdom
• Gain clarity about your inner “no” and “yes”, set boundaries and affirm desires
• Own and express your inner truth in a non-violent way
• Master your mind and your emotions
• Transform disempowering beliefs and re-story
• Find lasting peace with food, body and Life

Tools & Practices
• Holistic & Regenerative Nutrition
• Practical Cooking & Food Preparation
• Active & Silent Meditations
• Movement & Dance
• Yin Yoga & Fascia Release
• Embodiment
• Bowen therapy
• Metabolic Typing (after the retreat)
• …

And also:
• Walks in nature
• Bathing in the river
• Star-gazing
• Music & Fire
• New Moon Celebration
• …

Who is it for?

This retreat is for women and men of all ages who desire to regenerate themselves (and this planet) in a holistic way and to live a life full of joy, vitality and creativity up to an advanced age. From young adults who are just starting to explore their world to older men and women who are looking to improve their overall health and well-being, this retreat provides the opportunity to get to know yourself more intimately, to discover your unique needs and desire, to explore nature and to re-awaken your creative energy. It is especially for you if you suffer from hormonal imbalances, menstrual issues or restrictive/emotional eating patterns and/or if you desire to conceive naturally one day.
Requisitos para participar. : The Regenerate Summer Retreat is a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field of holistic, regenerative and personalized health, nutrition and fertility. You don’t need any prior knowledge in nutrition or experience in personal development work, but if you have, you can expect a lot of new insights and take the work even deeper!

What do I need to bring?

Upon registration, you will receive more detailed information, including on what items to bring.

About the facilitator

Claudia Kaiser 

Claudia was born in 1982 in Germany and started her career in the pharma industry while studying business administration. In 2012 she followed her true passion and started her own practice as a Holistic Nutrition, Eating Psychology & Fertility Coach. This change had grown on the soil of her personal experience of successfully overcoming an eating disorder and the resulting health issues, especially hormonal imbalance, menstrual irregularities, adrenal fatigue, chronic knee pain and pregnancy loss. Eventually her journey took her back onto the fertile path, i.e. a way of eating and living that not only regenerates body and soul but also Mother Earth. Claudia has trained in Nutrition, Metabolic Typing, Eating Psychology (Mind-Body Eating), Traditional Chinese Medicine and Conscious Touch and also has experience in Tantra and Astrology. She is the author of “The Fertile Path – How to regenerate yourself from soil to soul before planting the seed”. She provides dietary advice adapted to your individual metabolism and takes you on a life-changing journey to find the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual treasures hidden behind your symptoms.

Michel De Sande ran several successful restaurants and used to be the “chef” at Lalita. He will co-instruct the cooking workshops and delight us with his amazingly creative (and delicious) arts at lunch and dinner.

Jess Adshead is an Integrative Health Coach and Bowen Therapist with more than 10 years of experience. She will be holding space for the group together with Claudia and provide private Bowen sessions in the breaks. Bowen therapy is a safe, gentle and very effective touch-based therapy that works on the fascia to help the body release stress and tension, and support healing and balance. During the retreat, you have the chance to experience it for yourself!


We start on Monday 10th of July at 18:30 and we finish on Tuesday 18th of July at 11:30. 

Normal day structure 

Morning Meditation & Movement

9:00 - 9:45


10:00 - 

Morning Session


Lunch Break & Relax (or private Bowen session)

15:00 - 17:00

Descanso y Relajación

16:30 - 19:30Afternoon Session
20:00 Dinner
21:30Star Gazing, Relaxation or Celebration 


Investment: 1.750 Euro

This price includes:
• 8 days of course teachings and materials
• 8 nights of accommodation and full board (vegetarian breakfast, omnivore lunch and dinner, afternoon snack, fruit and tea)
• Your Personal Astro-Metabolic Profile Analysis + 2-hour session (after the retreat)
• 1-hour Bowen therapy session with Jess (additional sessions possible at extra charge)

Not included:
• Flight: Look for flights to Madrid and ideally book a cancellation insurance
• Transfer between the airport and Lalita (3-4-hour drive). We can book a shared taxi for you for 60 € per person one way (120 € both ways). You can also rent a car or come with your own if you live in Spain. You might also be able to find a blablacar. We happily assist you and connect participants with each other to make logistics as smooth as possible.
• Extra nights (please consult availability)
• Extra Bowen sessions, massages, etc.

• 150 € Early Bird discount (full payment before 28th of May) => 1.600 €
• “Bring a friend” discount: 50 € for each of you, independent of payment date

Reservations and Cancellations

Reservas y cancelaciones : This Summer Retreat is a unique opportunity to regenerate yourself and to acquire the tools you need to live a life full of vitality, creativity and joy. If you are ready to take your life to the next level, then schedule a short call to make sure it is a resounding YES for both of us. Once approved, you will receive an e-mail with further details. Your spot is reserved with a first payment of 300 €. You are fully confirmed once you pay in full.

To schedule your 15-min alignment call, please click here:

Cancelation Policy: 100% refundable if you cancel before 10th of May, 50% refundable if you cancel before 10th of June; non-refundable after 10th of June. An admin fee of 50 € applies.

Fecha y Hora
lunes julio 10, 2023
Inicio - 17:00 (Europe/Madrid)
martes julio 18, 2023
Fin - 16:00 (Europe/Madrid)

Lalita Devi Escuela de Vida S.L

Finca el Linar 1
10857 Acebo
Obtener la dirección

Claudia Kaiser


Descubra lo que la gente ve y dice sobre este evento, y únase a la conversación.

El Centro de Retiros "Lalita Devi".

En el corazón de Sierra de Gata, provincia de Cáceres se encuentra el "Centro de Retiros Lalita Devi". En un valle fértil a los píes de la montaña Jálama, entre bosques de roble, castaños y un pequeño río que sustenta la vida, iniciamos nuestra andadura hace ya 38 años. Fuimos, de alguna forma como muchos otros. pioneros en nuestra búsqueda de un estilo de vida diferente, más natural, más sencillo y más sostenible. Con una mirada hacia dentro y una gran necesidad de sanar la mente y alma nació el proyecto de Lalita. Y así. acompañados por nuestra familia, amigos y un sin fin de buscadores y viajero que poco a poco fueron dejando su huella en el lugar y nuestros corazones, se construyo lo que ahora es "Lalita Devi Escuela de Vida", el espacio de retiro, naturaleza e introspección que queremos compartir contigo.

Estamos situados dentro de un valle de 18 hectáreas de campo donde puedes darte baños en pozas naturales, pasear en el amanecer por sus bosques o disfrutar de noches inolvidables bajo las estrellas.

La comida de Lalita es vegetariana, con una gran variedad de productos ecológicos y platos inspirados en la cocina internacional, que se preparan día a día con productos frescos, regionales  y de calidad.

Preguntas frecuentes:

Nuestro dieta base es Ovo-lacto Vegetariana, elaboramos un menú variado con cereales y legumbres biológicos y fruta y verdura fresca. El menú consiste en ensalada un plato principal con su guarnición correspondiente y una crema o sopa como mínimo. 

Somos conscientes que cada vez más hay personas con necesidades alimentarias específicas y por ello sabemos la importancia de dar un servicio acorde. Si necesita un tipo de dieta concreta no dude en consultarlo al organizador del evento con suficiente tiempo de antelación para poder hacer las correspondientes compras y modificaciones al menú

El centro admite animales de compañía, no obstante pedimos que el propietario se comprometa a su cuidado y a que el animal no interfiera en el desarrollo de las actividades del grupo. Contará con una vasta superficie de campo a su disposición pero no podrá acceder a ninguna de las instalaciones. Téngase en cuenta que estamos en una zona rural y que hay perros de campo territoriales cuyo propósito es el cuidado del ganado por lo que el propietario del animal podrá traer a su mascota bajo su propia responsabilidad y riesgo.

Cómo llegar desde Madrid (Este).

En bus:

Para llegar a Lalita desde Madrid has de coger el autobús de la empresa Avanza en la estación Sur de autobuses de Madrid. La estación de metro es Méndez Álvaro y el teléfono es 914 684 200.
Si vienes desde el aeropuerto has de contar al menos con una hora en transporte público y en taxi se tarda unos 20 minutos.

En coche:

Desde Madrid debes coger la N5 "Carretera de Extremadura" y pasado Navalmoral de la Mata desviarte hacia Plasencia. luego continuando por la misma carretera de Plasencia sigue hacia Coria, Moraleja, Perales del Puerto, Hoyos y finalmente la población de Acebo. Una vez allí pregunta por el camino hacia las piscinas naturales, enseguida veras un desvío que pone Lalita. sigue la pista montaña arriba y en el desvío siempre a tu derecha.

Cómo llegar a Lalita desde el Sevilla (Sur).

En bus:

Para llegar en Lalita desde Sevilla hay que coger el bus desde las estación plaza de Armas. Hay que tomar un autobús en dirección a Cáceres. Una vez allí tiene que hacer trasbordo dirección Acebo, Pregunta en las taquillas si hay transbordo en Coria o si el bus va directo, eso depende de los días y de los horarios elegidos.
Deberás contactar con alguien del evento para que te traigan a Lalita. Lalita está a 3km de Acebo.

Cómo llegar a Lalita desde el San Sebastián (Norte).

En bus:

Para llegar a Lalita desde San Sebastián (Donostia) tendrás que coger el bus desde la estación de autobuses de San Sebastián con la compañía Alsa.
El autobús sale por la mañana a las 7h40 de la mañana y llega a las 17h45 a Hoyos, pueblo ubicado a unos 10 kilómetros de Lalita. Lalita asegura su recogida a la llegada del bus.