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ARUN Conscious Touch-Realigning Body, Mind, Sprit.


Hara Awareness

Since 1994, ARUN Conscious Touch Retreats have been transforming lives.
So much wisdom, healing, meditative vibes, and love is packed into these sacred gatherings.

Each year, new insights are shared... join us for this auspicious celebration of the Human Touch, Healing, and Silences of the Heart.

Realign yourself and unite your body and Spirit using tools for the Medicine Buddha wisdom... in order to be able to love a joyful and inspired life from your true Self.

Through Conscious Touching we will redirect energy patterns, shift, move, and become aware of the richness that inhabits your divine body.

This will include:

  • "Hara Awareness"

  • Touching and following electro-magnetic energy line Meridians,Chakras,

  • Myofascial lines from toe to head.

The "Holy Breath" will be explored and experienced as your unique gift and connection to your own inner Self... and we will play with pathways never shared before in this special gathering.

We will experience breath in stillness, breath in action, and the healing power of breath.

We will share information on how to keep the body "alkaline" for maximum efficiency... with scientific findings on certain principles using "food as our medicine... and medicine as our food".

We will share daily meditations and we will have one full day dedicated to meditations only.
Some silent Ones, some active. We will spend this day in silence.

Become the Master of your Life- your own Medicine Buddha.

Welcome to the healing experience in the magical land of Lalita.
To be alive signifies to be in Motion.

Our bodies are meant to move in order to be healthy... movement is part of Life and we will experience daily classes of diverse movements infused with consciousness and joy.

Special Party! for 25years Anniversary of ARUN Conscious Touch

with Music Maestro "Devakant" on 30th JULY Evening...

Contact with Kamala

Tel: +34 677622090(send me what up)


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