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ARUN "Tao of Breathing"


Hara Awareness and Detoxification Keys

Question: What will be the essential thread and teaching of these 15 days ?
Answer: When your Bio Electro-Magnetic Energy-field is infused with your presence, with your Consciousness a cascade of luminosity flows like Liquid Light-through your Body, your Mind, your Emotions, and your Soul. You are relaxed, in the moment, and grateful for each lesson of your life...  you embrace Life's Polarity and its hidden harmony.   

When this inner awareness and self-Love is rooted in an experienced understanding of your Living Anatomy, and you learn how to touch each part of the Human Energy-field in a way that promotes presence, trust, balance, and the experience of connectivity- then you are a true healer.

Your Touch becomes a catalyst for Healing and for Meditation...  
in ARUN we call this "a Mystical Touch". 
There is no desire, no expectation, no comparison... 
ARUN Conscious Touch is not a technique.
We learn to touch with pure presence, an openness to see the Truth, and a deep trust in the powerful Prana, or Life Force that is riding with the Breath of Meditation, or the "Breath of your Totality".

 This "Tao of Breathing" contains the whole Being, and it is rooted in our Hara Center.  Osho many times refers to the Hara as "our Center of Being- the center of Meditation",  
but very rarely do we experience this deep source of transcendence which gives us freedom from all Pain and duality.

In these 15 magical days,  we will shine the light of love and awareness on the magical "Breath of Life"-  the mysterious Prana, or Life Force of the Universe.  


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