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“Are we up to the challenge? Will we step up as humanity?”

As humanity, we are called to a larger conversation and participation in Life. We are called to usher in real change, and help create and shape the face of the future for ourselves and generations to come. The time is now.

The Call:  We are calling forward our inherent leadership genius and our collective dreaming, so together, we can co-create best practices for establishing new structures and processes that serve all people and the earth.

The question is:

“Are we up to the challenge? Will we step up as humanity?”

To do that we must shift. We must change. So this is a call.

“Will you take a stand?” “Will you step beyond your own edge?”

We are calling experienced professionals from across the planet that carry expertise in many diverse arenas—business executives, humanitarians, visionaries, community leaders, consultants, politicians, environmental promoters, educators, health care professionals—to name a few.  This kind of participant diversity creates a rich tapestry in our learning community. We are looking for those who deeply want to make a difference in the pathway ahead in this human journey. We are calling those who are willing to take a stand for life-affirming action in each of our lives, in our communities, in our nations and on this planet.

Why is this needed now? Evocative leaders are needed in this changing time to draw forth the best from those they interact with as well as to evoke the kind of higher consciousness required to address the volatile, complex and ambiguous issues we all face at this time.

Evocative leadership emerges from a culture of interrelatedness, which holds the deep value of relationship, respect for life and collective wisdom.  This training journey involves deep personal growth along with developing the capacity to evoke life-affirming outcomes in all the rings of relationship – personal, partnership, community and work – as these rings ripple out to create global impact.

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