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Bowspring - Arco Dinámico

Bowspring-Arco Dinámico: la práctica postural revolucionaria

A partir del 13 de mayo tendremos de nuevo en España la evolución y revolución postural del Bowspring de Sridaiva, un sistema de cuerpo-mente-corazón para una salud integral óptima, que emerge con fuerza desde hace cuatro años como nuevo enfoque holístico para la autorrealización. Escribe Rubén Revillas.

Este evento esta Organizado por Om Shree Om Formación Niños,

Para mas información contactar con Angels Anguera:

Tel: 636 46 79 20

a site for creating a lifestyle of health and happiness, utilizing the Bowspring postural technology,

Earth-centered nutrition, and mind-body training. 


Global Bowspring is a health-based community utilizing the latest bio-tech hacks - full-range breath practices, fascia-oriented functional movements, and curvy, wavy postural alignment - to meet the challenges of modern life. 

The Bowspring method incorporates Wim Hof Method, Butekyo, and Taoist breathing practices to increase variability in our physiological cycles, particularly to maximize oxygen absorption in our cells. Also, the Bowspring practice is both dynamic and meditative, so increasing heart rate variability is central to our daily practices for radiant health. 

The Bowspring alignment is curvy, rather than straight. 

It is an open posture, rather than closed, and it is dynamic instead of static like in standard model alignment systems. 

The Bowspring alignment creates fluidity, lightness and agile strength that we can benefit from in our most common daily activities, such as sitting, standing, and walking. Using the Bowspring every day helps to clear chronic aches and pains, and to have more energy to openly embrace our lives with empowerment and readiness. 

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